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Rosé 2018

Neck of the Woods:
Southern Valleys, Marlborough.

Marlborough is recognised as one of the world’s top wine growing regions with Sav Blanc putting it on the map back in the day. The combination of bright sunshine and cool climate create expressive, fruit-driven wines unlike anywhere else.
The Southern Valleys are located to the south of the Wairau Plains. Around here, soils are typically higher in silt, gravel and clays. Richer, heavier soils, paired with a later ripening climate, produce more concentrated wine. We believe there’s no better place to find a true expression of Pinot Noir with red fruit characters we love for our Rosé.
With notes of red berries and coconut this elegant, dry little number is refreshing and dangerously drinkable. Our small-batch produced just 1200 bottles of this Rosé. So you’ll need to hurry if you want to get your hands on this limited release.


Southern Valleys, Marlborough.

  • Climate: Maritime
  • Fruit: Pinot Noir & Gris
  • Soils: Clay Loam
  • Brix: 21-21.5
  • pH: 3.24
  • T.A.: 6.1 g/l
  • R.S: 4.3
  • Total bottles produced: 1200

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    Tasting notes
    Sharon from accounts

    A fresh and stylish New Zealand Rosé full of heirloom rose petals, cranberry and peach aromas. Elegant and well balanced, this wine shows undertones of raspberry, nectarine and salinity notes, which lead to a dry, silky finish.

    Bisexual Nun Julie d’Aubigny (La Maupin) Powerful Soprano, Lethal Sword Fighter

    We’re inspired by pioneers. By those who aren’t afraid to take risks and do things differently. Who stay true to what they believe. And we dedicate every one of our vintages to a groundbreaking, rule-defying character that followed their passion and forged their own path.

    Julie d’Aubigny never played by the rules. She stopped at nothing to get what she wanted. And the serial seductress cut through eighteenth century French limitations one bloody sword fight at a time.

    Born in Provence to a wealthy family, Julie had everything handed to her. But it was never enough. She craved action and adventure and her life was a series of one wild exchange after another. She challenged strangers to swordfights in exchange for money. Became the star attraction of the Paris Opera. And then there was that time she took the Holy Orders so she could sneak into a convent, burn it down, and kidnap her female lover only to leave her a few weeks later.

    Our Rosé pays homage to this swashbuckling, opera singing, bisexual nun from Provence. Like her, you can’t put us in a box. We reject tradition and go our own way.